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Deluxe Leatherface Mask

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Leatherface foam latex mask from the famous "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" horror.

Mask comes in a display box for storage and protection.


Very nice piece, I kinda bought it as a shot in the dark because of the lack of pictures this site puts up, I couldn't really tell what it was gonna look like in person. It comes in a really nice box that they mention but do not show, unfortunately when I got it it was a little beaten up but nothing major. I love the quality of the wig, the hair has a matted, messy kinda look which really adds to the character. The mask is foam latex and has a really good paint job and feel, however, it is extremely fragile because it's just plain foam latex and it wouldn't take much to tear it. It's not a heavy duty mask, it will not hold up under much abuse so keep that in mind before purchasing. Also, it doesn't come with the teeth, not a big black mark in my book, they're not hard to find, I just wanted to make sure that no one was counting on it having teeth. I don't regret buying it, but I am sadend at the fact I'll be afraid to wear it too often considering its fragileness. Good mask I do recommend it, just give it a little care and you'll love it.
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