Medium Helium Balloon Cylinder

Helium Balloon Cylinder
Helium Balloon Cylinder Helium Balloon Cylinder Helium Balloon Cylinder Helium Balloon Cylinder Helium Balloon Cylinder
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Fill balloons with helium at your own convenience with our lightweight Helium Balloon cylinder. This disposable helium cylinder can fill up to 30 standard 9" latex or foil balloons. Disposable helium filled tank comes with an easy to use nozzle to fill balloons and handles for easy transport.

Inflate balloons 1-2 hours before your party starts.

Helium Cylinder Balloon Size Guide:
9" Latex Balloons - up to 30 Balloons - 6 to 8 Hrs.
10" Latex Balloons - up to 20 Balloons - 12 Hours.
11" Latex Balloons - up to 15 Balloons - 12 Hours.
18" Foil Balloon - up to 12 Balloons - 1 Week.

Please note balloon figures are estimates, balloons are sold separately. For Balloons larger than 18" we recommend ordering these balloons delivered inflated.

Warning Statement:

  • Keep cylinder out of reach of children.
  • Only for suitable for use with Latex or Foil Balloons
  • Cylinder is Non-Refillable
  • Always use this product in a well-ventilated area.
  • Never use cylinder in an enclosed space.
  • DO NOT inhale helium as this may cause harm or injury.
  • DO NOT expose this cylinder to direct heat or fire. This cylinder contains compressed helium (UN1046,CAS#7440-59-7) under pressure. Exposure to direct heat or fire could cause damage to the pressure release devices, which will result in a sudden discharge of pressure from the cylinder.
  • Always treat this cylinder with care. Dropping or hitting the cylinder with sharp or pointed objects could puncture the cylinder. Such damage could result in a sudden release of the contents resulting in serious injury or death.

Instructions for use on box.

*Please note that due to size and freight costs this product is not available for purchase outside of Ireland. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding this.

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Throwing a home party for my little girl and this was very easy to use. Cannister was a bit light, . . .
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