Don't Play with Childrens Safety

We've been delighted to see recent articles on the news and in the papers about Childrens Safety on costumes and school uniforms. as a responsible market leader in the costume industry have for a long time been fighting against low quality and counterfeit items. It can be surprisingly easy to copy images used on our site and sell cheap knockoffs and counterfeits, when this happens we do our best to inform our partner brands but lately we have been seeing this happen more and more. Counterfeits don't just mean cheaper costumes but often can also mean fire hazardous as they do not go through the same fire testing and safety proceedures that our costumes go through. Likewise producers who's only focus on chasing price while making high margins manufacturer to the bare minimmum quality and sometimes even below. This story has been spear headed by a story from the UK Supermarket when a mother purchased a "bargain" costume for £5, which caught fire. The costume did not contain the CE mark or comply with the EN 71 stafety standards, while an awful story this was sensationalised by the media. The truth is that most Childrens clothing aren't subject to fire safety checks at all so Halloween costumes purchased from reliable sources are safer than some school uniforms and outfits designed for children that have no requirement for fire testing at all. We strongly believe while costumes are meant to be fun, when it comes to child safety we never compromise or play childrens safety. We welcome and encourage more strict guidlines for fire safety on all childrens clothing.


We vet our suppliers carefully and all our suppliers go above and beyond to produce high quality and safe costumes. We partner with equally reputatble brands who's household names like Disney, Marvel and DC Comics you can also trust to deliver safe and fun costumes. We hope this recent publicity will encourage you to only purchase from well known and trusted brands whom will be there today, tomorrow and years to come. Trust us to to provide safe fun to you this and every halloween.


Have a safe and happy halloween.